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These days...

Posted by alicia kersebet on

Last year at this time I was walking the Camino for a month. I walked alone and before I started my walk I was concerned I could feel lonely. I am often surrounded by others whether I am at work or at home with my not so quiet family and staff members. Sometimes when I go on a buying trip by myself for a few days, I find myself homesick after a couple of nights ready to get back to my crew. However, from the first steps I took along this 500 mile path to Santiago, I never once felt alone. I was walking alone, but was part of something larger and that gave me comfort. I can't help but feel the same this year during the coronavirus crisis. We've had to close both of our businesses for an undetermined period of time and I truly worry for my business, my friends and family members. However, the sense of community that we are all in this together gives me great comfort. Wish you all well, stay healthy and I look forward to seeing all of you again soon.
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