Don't Be an Ugly American: Avoid these Fashion Mistakes

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Photo: Tourists sculpture by Duane Hanson
1. Under-dressing: Americans often dress more casually than people do in most other parts of the world. That habit can come off as a sign of disrespect, or even prevent you from being allowed into certain places.
2. Sneakers and flip-flops: Nothing screams “tourist” more than a clunky pair of running sneakers paired with jeans in the name of comfort or flip-flops worn off the beach. 
3. Shorts on the plane: Talk about freezing; plane cabins are typically chilly, so covering up at least to the shins is a good idea.
4. Revealing clothing: Women visiting the Middle East are typically expected to be covered from their knees up to their shoulders. It’s important to note that there are plenty of countries across the globe that also scrutinize certain types of clothing THEY consider revealing.
5. Obnoxious T-shirts:  Shirts with political slogans, designer logos, or even sports team names can make you a target for those who want to air some grievances. Arguing about politics and other controversial topics like religion, money and sports rivalries is culturally acceptable in many countries.
6. Over-activewear: Athleisure can be a cool and comfortable way to fly — but suiting up in activewear for a day out on the town can peg you as an ugly American. Opt instead for classic staples made from high-performance material.
7. Backpacks: Travel backpacks, in particular, can get huge and become a hassle for everyone around you, especially if you’re taking public transit or heading to a crowded tourist attraction.

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