The Emissary Movie on DVD

The Emissary Movie on DVD

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What is the Emissary Movie? The Emissary Movie celebrates mindfulness, and it’s a family-friendly sci-fi comedy filmed all over Door County, Wisconsin!


"The Emissary was absolutely fantastic! What a hilarious, light-hearted movie! Congratulations on a great film."
––Alyssa Skiba, Arts, Entertainment & Literature Editor Peninsula Pulse & Door County Living

"Tim Erskine, the talented force behind The Emissary Movie, has made a film that appears on the surface to be very much like his own winsome personality: tender, quirkily funny, romantic, and techy-nerdy, with a dose of mindful living. This is a movie unlike anything else you will see this year, and that is a real shame."
––John Nelson, Publisher DOOR COUNTY GO! GUIDE - read the entire review

"What do the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Door County cheese curds and space colonization have in common? They’re all included in the playful indie sci-fi movie “The Emissary”...Tim made a lot of calculations to make the sci fi as authentic as could be. Great blend of art and science. The special effects were so well done.”
–Dr. John Beck of the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society

"The film definitely had an impact. Bobby [age 5] wanted to start the day by building a space ship. And a couple of his friends went on an awareness walk this morning."
––Tracy Opper

"The movie absolutely stunned us--so professional and well done yet so personal (Door County in its glory)! Will not be able to brag enough to encourage everyone to see it!"
–Mike and Sue Spitz