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Leki Spin Shark Ultralite Adjustable Nordic Walking Poles (Pair)

Leki Spin Shark Ultralite Adjustable Nordic Walking Poles (Pair)

$ 99.95

Condition your core and arms during your walking workout with the Leki Spin Ultralite Adjustable Nordic Walking Poles. Nordic Walking began as a summer training exercise for serious cross country skiers, only to be adopted later as a time-efficient, low-stress, total body workout for all ages and abilities. There is no terrain or walking path these lightweight and strong, aluminum walking sticks won’t help you navigate. The Spin’s high tensile strength aluminum shafts, easy click-in and click-out Trigger 1 strap system, and the original SpeedLock adjustment mechanism make this an all-around choice for fitness walking enthusiasts. The Spin's Rubber Fitness Tips are made for pavement. Remove them to expose the Carbide Flextips if you Nordic Walk on gravel or slick surfaces.

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