The Base Camp Coffee Bar is open daily 7:30 am to 4 pm. We serve coffee and specialty drinks, baked goods and quick bites. Also available are a selection of books and cd's. Have a bite before heading out to explore, or get energized after an afternoon of hiking.
Base Camp:
7:30-4 daily

Our new menu is currently under Construction!

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Delicious Teas

$2.25 (small or large)
Retail : 2.90 /ounce

English Breakfast (Black)

A fabulous blend of Ceylon and Assam teas. Great for breakfast.

Earl Grey (Black)

Celyon tea with oil of bergamot. Floral, slightly sweet, and very satisfying.

Moon Over Madagascar (Black)

A wonderful vanilla-flavored black tea.

Dragonwell (Green)

The most popular tea in China: delicious aroma, mellow grassy flavor, slightly sweet after-taste.


Japan’s most popular green tea: soft and delicate, with hints of the sea.

Jasmine (Green)

Very aromatic and slightly floral: a very refreshing tea.

Montana Gold

American grown green tea from South Carolina

Montana Gold (Herbal)

Spicy sweet herbal tea. Blend of orange peel , cinnamon and rooibos.


The perfect after-meal tea: mildly stimulating, cooling and refreshing

EVening in Missoula (Herbal)

A blend of chamomile, mint, and fruit teas, cooling and calming. A Base Camp favorite!

Chai tea

traditional spiced tea served with steamed milk
Sml : $3.50 large : $3.75

Breakfast/brunch all day

Artichoke Stratta

Roasted garlic potatoes, artichokes hearts, onion & dill, eggs, cheddar and parmesan cheese

Breakfast Sandwich

Baked eggs, tomatoes, cheddar, a hint of basil pesto, chives, and our homemade feta spread on ciabatta.

Market Quiche

Ask about our daily selection, homemade with whole wheat pastry flour.

Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt and fruit topped with our homemade

Hazelnut Flax Granola

Delicious homemade granola with your choice of milk .

The Continental

Baguette, Bagel or croissant served with jam, butter or cream

Brie a l'Abricot

Apricot jam and brie cheese on a croissant

Seasonal Fruit Salad


Check out our selection of Daily fresh bakery

Great Coffees

Bulk Coffee: $14.50/pound

Home brewed

Small :$2.00, Large: $2.25,


espresso shot with steamed milk
Single: $3.25 double : $3.75.

Cappuccino 12oz

espresso shot with frothed
milk .
Single : $3.25, Double: $3.75

Espresso $2.00


Chocolate, espresso, steamed milk,
whipped cream.
Single $3.50, Double $4.00

Miel latte

Espresso, honey, cinnamon,
steamed milk .
Single: $3.50, Double $4.00.

Grand caramel

Caramel, espresso, steamed milk, whipped cream (16 oz)


vanilla syrup, espresso, milk, blended, whipped cream

Café Frappé

$3.50 simple syrup, cold coffee,
cream, shaked & whipped

Other Special Drinks

Caramel apple cider

Caramel, Door County apple cider, whipped cream
Small $3.25, Large $3.75

Maple steamer

Door County maple syrup,
steamed milk, whipped cream
Small $3.25 Large : $3.75

Classic Cocoa Large : $3.00

Home made cocoa with home madewhipped cream.

Small Cocoa : $2.50

Home made cocoa with home made
whipped cream (just smaller)

Combos & Specials


Cup (8 oz): $3.50,
Bowl (12 0z): $5.00


Sandwich & Cup of Soup: $9.00
Tartine & Cup of Soup: $8.00

The Rural Lunch

A cup of soup, a chunk of cheese (cheddar or brie) and a piece of bread

Fruit & Cheese Plate

3 cheeses ( Wisconsin sharp cheddar, French Brie & Carr Valley Mobay (Goat & Sheep cheese), served with fruits, nuts, olives.

Great for kids (and adults)

Tête de Fromage

An open face Ciabatta bread topped with Krema kase cheese & Cheddar served with fruits).

Stella’s ciabatta

On Ciabatta bread , cheddar, baked eggs served with fruits)

Refreshing Drinks

Red berries smoothie18oz

Raspberry & blueberry, apple juice, yogurt.

Homemade Ginger Fizz

made with fresh ginger & lemon. Refreshing !

Iced tea 18oz

classic iced black tea or herbal red berries

Italian Soda

see our selection of syrups. we add some sparkling water et voilà !

French soda

see our syrups. We
add some sparkling water and a dash of

Coffee refill : $ 1.00,
Add a flavored syrup : $0.50
Xtra espresso shot : $0.50
Xtra whipped cream : $0.50
XL 20 oz cup : $0.50

Lunch Sandwiches

Roasted Vegetable & Brie Sandwich

Roasted vegetables with herbes de Provence, Dijon mustard, and a hint of pesto, topped with brie cheese on ciabatta.

Artichoke Fiesta

Artichokes salad, topped with tomatoes & provolone on ciabatta

Mediterranean Wrap

On flour tortilla, hummus: tomatoes, cucumber,
greens, red onion bell pepper. olive tapenade.

Lunch Tartines

Open-faced sandwiches served on French baguette

Krema Kasa Tartine

Homemade olive tapenade, tomatoes, basil, bell pepper red onions, Carr Valley Krema kasa cheese, served with fruits and greens

Caprese Tartine

Homemade feta spread, basil pesto, tomatoes, provolone, Parmesan and a hint of fresh grounded black pepper, served with fruit and greens

Base Camp salad

Mix greens, pecan, cranberries, topped with apple
cider vinaigrette and feta cheese
$ 5.00

Add a Bag of chips $1.00

Check out our Menu board for daily specials