Marty and Nancy Drury started Ecology Sports in Manitowoc in the basement of their own house back in 1972. 1984 saw the opening of Ecology Sports Door County, located in the Country Walk Shops of Sister Bay. In 1999, Alicia, Marty and Nancy's daughter, moved Ecology Sports from the Country Walk Shop location to the old Liberty Grove Town Hall, just a mile further North on Highway 42.


William James noted, "We have, most of us got far, far away from nature. We are trained to seek the choice, the rare, the exquisite exclusively and to overlook the common - we grow stone blind and insensible to life's more elementary goods and joys. "

Ecology Sports Today

In returning, if only now and then to the wilderness, or some semblance of it, we become citizens of the Earth, It is not only our environment that we learn about, but of ourselves.

Our incentive is to get back to a more natural environment and improve quality in living. Our clothing, books, accessories and canoes are an invitation to get out there and have a great time while interacting with the Earth's natural elements. We support local environmental causes, sustainable agriculture, believe in fair trade and strive towards a world that is safe and clean for our children.

Ecology Sports is Travel Green Certified!